Om Anders

Story of my life…in short…written from my Soul and Heart

I was born in 1966 in Stockholm, Sweden, at a hospital named Södra BB located then at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden.

The distance from Austin Peay State University to my home town is 7,365 km.

I grew up in Sätra on Bogsätravägen 68, (Sätra is a suburb of Stockholm), with my 5 years older sister Karin, my mom Elisabeth, my dad Kalle and our little Yorkshires-terrier named Bellman.

I started off early with all kinds of sports: soccer, down hill skiing and tennis were my favorites. Tennis eventually became “the one sport” for me and the sport which “gave” me an education at Austin Peay State University.

After 4 years at A.P.S.U., I had to serve the Swedish Army. I spent almost a year at the Royal Arctic Ranger School in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. A cold and dark place located close to the polar circle. a place one is proud to have ”survived” 🙂

1997…some years ago… I met Eva, the mother of our daughter Wilma. Wilma, my darling angel, was born on a hot summer morning in August in the year of 2002. We all live happily together in Skälby, a suburb of Stockholm.

I worked for my dad for several years doing construction and administration at his construction company, K-G Sundqvist Bygg AB. He tought me everything I know about construction and business sence as well….I will never catch up to his level no matter how hard I try 🙂

In 1997, I begun working at Ericsson AB as a premises coordinator and eventually I also worked as a security manager, administration manager and as a project manager.

For about 2,5 years, between 2008 and 2010, I worked as a project manager in the construciton business for a small company named Brick 2 Brick Projektengagemang AB. I learned the tuff life of working as a consultant, the life of always having to search for new jobs while doing the very best to finish the one I was working on at he moment. Tuff in recession times, tuff in good times as well.

I left Lidingö stad Lidingö Stad about a year ago with mixed feelings. I was responsible for all the construction investments the property department at Lidingö stad builds during each year. One of many projects were a new school named Rudboda skola, hosting about 420 students. The project ended up well below budget ( at a calculated cost of approximately $29 200 000), finished before scheduled time to finish and it became Lidingö`s first environmental building ever built. Proud of that I was/am.

I am now self-employed (name of my company is Wilaneva AB) working right now on one of the most exiting places in Stockholm. I currently work as a project manager on one of the projects/building T31 which is being refurbished located at the Galleria on Hamngatan. Check ut the property owner´s webpage,, to learn more about the exiting project.

This blog/web page will be about my life in general, my thoughts, my reflections over every day things and lots of sports. I will even try to have relevant information about Havstoviken, my childhood beach were I spent all my summers as a child.

It will be appreciated if you comment on blog posts and I will of curse return your post as soon as I can.

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